Launch of Zinnia Will Transform Real Estate Teams into Full-Service Brokerages…Overnight.

For teams and brokerages who want to propel their growth – Zinnia knows what holds you back and knows how to push you ahead. As we say, “Grow, up.”

Boston, MA February 8, 2022 - Introducing Zinnia, a first-of-its-kind, anti-franchise solution for a real estate team or company looking to become a full-service brokerage. Zinnia clients maintain their identity and autonomy and avoid the traditional challenges that inhibit true profitability for so many real estate companies.

“We invested the last two decades developing a distinctive formula for success,” says Linda O’Koniewski, CEO. “We learned some hard lessons as we scaled our brokerage. We innovated a suite of tools that gave our company the highest agent productivity in our market. For clients who are eager to accelerate, Zinnia spares them those hassles so they can reach higher profitability quicker. Adopting our systems results in a 60% increase in transactions in two years.”

Zinnia is for real estate teams ready to break out on their own or brokerages who want to compete with the big dogs but don’t have the systems or operational efficiencies. Zinnia does the grunt work. Zinnia’s growth platform offers state-of-the-art, single-sign-on custom technology, personalized marketing strategies and design, and hands-on career development. These powerful new advantages allow real estate leaders to tap into ready-made agent support. Our support solution makes experienced agents more productive, helps newer agents develop faster, and gives leaders the power and freedom like never before.

“Zinnia takes the opposite of a cookie-cutter approach,” noted Christine George, head of Customer Experience for Zinnia. “In a world of templates, our design pros customize listing and buying collateral, marketing campaigns, social media, and websites to help tomorrow’s real estate leaders fuel their growth by promoting their own unique identity.”

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